What’s the one thing in the world that scares kids the most? 

Being different.

But not Salvatore.

You see, Salvatore’s webs are different. Much to his family’s disappointment. Because this family of circus-performing spiders has built their act off tradition. Webs are circles. Period.

But not Salvatore’s

And over his father’s squashed body is he going to let him perform with them. It would ruin all they’d worked for since Grandpa Sebastian Spinford started their show back in 1934.

But Salvatore knows better. He knows the crowd is craving something new and fresh. And with his grandfather’s help, he’s going to prove it.

Salvatore’s story will give children of all ages the confidence to be themselves, no matter what.

hollow_cover The Hollow:  Spiders. Spiders everywhere. All sizes and shapes, crawling down the walls and up through the cracks in the floorboards. Then surrounding her feet and leading her in her trance-like state out the door in the middle of the night to the cemetery down the road…

This is one of many night terrors and strange urges to visit a certain little girl’s grave that Maryanne Rosa has been experiencing for weeks. Someone from beyond is using them to push her towards uncovering horrific secrets about the publisher of the rising political magazine she’s an editor of.

Prerogative magazine’s publisher, Joseph Goldberg, is also a leader of a cult of racist elitists. They’ve parlayed the death of six-year-old Cecily to gain further control of the quaint upstate New York town where Maryanne and her close-knit group of friends live. And as they all get closer to understanding who Joseph truly is, the cult becomes hell bent on claiming some of them as their own and removing others from their path entirely.

Hopefully whoever—or whatever—is trying to warn them will get through, before it’s too late.

The Hollow is a young adult, paranormal thriller set in the legendary Sleepy Hollow, NY where Martin lived from 2006-2009. The story was also inspired by her many walks through the rolling hills of the village cemetery, which eventually became a character in its own right.

Purchase it in print and/or e-book at BBS, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble!

shadowslight2015Disconnected: Tristan Manville could be one of the popular kids. But instead he spends most nights mesmerized by his computer screen, obsessively reading conspiracy theories. Possessed by them. Entwined in their world. And he’s about to be consumed whole by them as the websites he gets lost in on a daily basis use his own story against him in Disconnected.

Shadows & Light is an annual anthology compiled by author Shawna Platt. Read Martin’s short story as well as many others in the September 2015 edition, available on Amazon, Createspace, and Kindle.


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