Getting Down to Business

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As I anxiously await an exact release date from my publisher (the awesome Nicholas Grabowsky who came down with an appendicitis last week, big hugs and well wishes Nick!!!) I decided to put a little more elbow grease into my second book: His & Hers. Check out the description here so the rest of this post will make sense to you.

And let me tell you, this one’s a doozy for me. It’s really challenging me to flex my writing muscle in ways I never have before as I’ve set two rules for myself:

1. I want to get through the whole book without ever revealing to the reader the names of either the male nor the female in the couple the story revolves around.

2. I want to have the reader desperately trying to figure out which one of them is telling the truth. Very a la Gillian Flynn. My idol, by the way. I’ll bet you thought I was going to say E.L. James, didn’t you!? DIDN’T YOU!? I’ll sit in the corner here and pretend not to sulk…Smilie: ;)

I’m trying to develop a list of significant moments that could have been easily misconstrued by either character and work them into the story. Aaah, the delicate intricacies of physical intimacy. HA! Smilie: :)

Stay tuned for more updates as I move further along on this project. If you’ve got any suggestions or comments please feel free to leave me one below!

And as always, thanks…


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