The Exquisite Pain

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I hate writing.

There. I said it.

Hi, my name is AnnMarie and I’m a writer who hates writing.

“I find that so funny,” someone said to me recently.


“Because it’s your profession.”

True. But only those who also “put pen to paper” for a living can understand this, right?

For me, it’s torturous. Like squeezing blood from a stone, or whatever the saying is. Struggling to find the right words. Always hoping Word’s Thesaurus will know better than you. Just waiting for that inspiration to strike, so you look for it in the most obvious of places: Facebook. Never knowing if it will all just pour out of you within 20 minutes or take seven hours to write two sentences. And in those rare occurrences that the gods smile upon you and it does seem to flow freely, there’s the terror of losing some of it, any of it. That you won’t be able to get it all down fast enough as the thoughts start to pile up against each other like morning commuters at the top of the Penn Station escalators.

But I guess that’s part of the fun, no? The drama. The drama that we all secretly love to hate. I mean how can you be a good writer if you’re not a drama queen? (or king!)

So I was just wondering, if there are any writers out there reading this, what’s the process like for you? Are you a masochist like myself? Or do you genuinely enjoy what you do? I promise I won’t talk shit about you behind your back if you do. I’ll do it right here, to your face…freak Smilie: :)

Anyway, for those of you who are usually “sweatin’ it” like myself, I do have a few go-to sources of procrastination…uh…er…I mean inspiration (other than Facebook). And this is one of them. Enjoy.

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4 Responses to The Exquisite Pain

  1. For someone who has difficulty putting “pen to paper” you certainly do a fabulous job. Writer’s block, or whatever name you want to attach to it, is what writing is all about. You mentioned it above, inspiration! It hits you in all different ways. But, as you said, when it hits you look out, the mind is wonderous and overflowing with all those fantastic ideas. Get it down right away! What about dictating them on tape, then transcribe them. Just a thought!

  2. Thanks mom, yea sometimes I do use my recorder. Forgot to mention that. By the way you should show the video at the end of this post to your students. It’s a really good, really important message.

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