A Very Special Spinfords Review

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We’ve had such an amazing reception of The Spinfords over the past week and a half and we’re so honored that it has resonated with so many of you. I’ll be calling attention to most of our reviews and listings here soon, but I wanted to call out one very special one today…

Written by Jihane, founder of the OnixJ Healthy Living blog, it’s the perfect summation of why we created this book. In a world full of “walls” and horrifying acts against each other because we don’t agree on certain beliefs, it’s more important than ever to realize that the lessons of love and understanding and acceptance start from the beginning.

Anyway, I’ll let Jihane take it from here:

The Spinfords : Different is Beautiful

In a world so focused on our differences, this book makes perfect sense. Between school stress, peer pressure, family dynamics and a list of other “worries” today’s kids deal with more anxiety than ever before.

We live in a world,  in which the access to social media has given us all the power to judge, to criticize, to give our opinion, and to hide behind screens and faces. We jump into conclusions and judgments so fast and precariously, many times in front of our kids without even noticing. They notice, though…

To read the rest (AND check out Jihane’s awesome blog!), click here.

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