It’s Been a MONTH (and a half…)

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Wow, so hey, 2016, hows-about you take it easy now that summer’s upon us?


Well things never calmed down for me since I last blogged. I guess I never really expected them to, but they did pile up on each other in a way I never expected. Ah well…at least I know I’m living right?

So after WORKING OUR BUTS OFF!!!!! on The Spinfords, it FINALLY went up for preorder at the beginning of the month. So our “official release” events turned into “pre-release” events, but that’s ok. We couldnt’ have asked for a better time, and even though I’m exhausted, I wanted to make sure I shared some images from our visit to Bayville School in NJ and our adorable little gathering at The Dessertist Store & Studio in Croton in New York before much more time passed. I’m always so honored and humbled by the earnest and genuine interest and excitement from our audiences. All I can hope is that we didn’t let them down with this story that we are so so proud of.

Anyway, enjoy the pictures and I also needed to share that our new release date is JUNE 6, 2016 (yes, we mean it this time!!) AND, in the meantime, if you’ve had the privilege of getting your hands on a copy before then, please PUH-LEASE head over to Amazon and leave us an honest review! OH, and go check out the amazing website our publisher whipped up for the new Blue Bed Sheet division of Black Bed Sheet Books! It’s still a work in progress, but I love it!

IMG_5580 IMG_5582 IMG_5595





Happy Reading,

xo AnnMarie

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