Spinfords Release Week Blitz!

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The world will finally meet The Spinfords during none other than Children’s Book Week (May 2-8 )! Stevie and I will be celebrating the 97th annual edition of this amazing week-long event with not one, but TWO release parties!

First, weCBW-champion-FINAL’ll be visiting the awesome second-graders at Bayville Elementary School in Bayville, NJ on Thursday, May 5, and creating some one-of-a-kind web art! Those little buggers will be the first to get their hands on The Spinfords, making them quite the VIP audience. Lucky Smilie: :).

Then Friday, May 6—our OFFICIAL release day—we’ll make our way up north to Croton on Hudson, NY to The Dessertist Studio & Store for the big bash. Starting at 5 p.m. for just $5, kids can come in and get an autographed copy of the book, a mini cupcake to decorate, AND Stevie will be breakin’ out the big sketchpad to turn all little guests into a Spinford! He’ll be drawing up caricatures of them, all on eight legs of course.

We’re so excited! And the best part? Twenty-five percent of all proceeds from the night will go towards The Happy Soul project, an organization I’ve blogged about on here before which celebrates the differences in all of us. Just like Salvatore does Smilie: ;)

ARCs should be ready to send out by April 8 (fingers crossed) to those I’ve promised them to. If you’re interested in receiving one please contact me through the contact page (tab is above).

Happy Wednesday!





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