How It All Started…

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Around 2006 I started seeing the spiders.

It comes and goes but since then it’s escalated to large dogs every now and again.

And sometimes people.

No, I’m not crazy (although my husband might beg to differ).

I just have what some might call “night terrors,” although it’s certainly not as serious as what others experience.

Typically I’ll see these things while stuck in that limbo between sleep and awake, then start gasping for air, scaring the crap out of said husband.

So let’s just say I’m one part crazy, one part great storyteller. Or rather love having a great story to tell. I’ll let you guys be the judge and jury on that one.

Anyway, this was all the basis for my first novel, The Hollow, set to be released by horror writer Nicholas Grabowsky‘s publishing house Black Bed Sheet Books August 2014 (read: THIS August!)

I really hope you guys will enjoy it and REALLY hope you’ll follow me here so we can keep getting to know each other. Feel free to get in touch via the form on the Contact Me page, or my Instagram and/or Twitter feeds.

Happy reading!


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