The Spinfords Will Arrive Feb. 2016!!!!!!

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If you’ve been following along here, you’ve seen me blog about this project for about a year now. But I can FINALLY report that The Spinfords–my first children’s book–will be published in pre-release February of next year and official release in March by Blue Bed Sheet Books (yes, Black Bed Sheet’s children’s line!)

I can’t tell you how excited I am to get this story out into the world and we’ll be chronicling the illustration and promotion process for sure, so stay tuned for LOTS of updates. But I thought I’d leave you with a little Halloween inspiration from someone I’ve introduced before: graphic artist, illustrator, animator, jack of all trades and master of adorableness Stevie Hannigan of Stevie Projects who will be bringing The Spinfords to life.

Below he’ll talk you through some fun DIY Halloween decorations, all the while making you crackup!


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