Review: Tiara by John Reinhard Dizon

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Just finished a GREAT tale by fellow BBS author, John Reinhard Dizon. Loved Tiara and wanted to share my review here. Go support this awesomely-talented writer and pick up a copy today!

tiaraJames Bond, eat your heart out.

Britain’s most infamous secret agent’s got nothin’ on Berlin Mansfield, a master assassin who falls in love with a kidnapped princess in the UK in “Tiara” by John Reinhard Dizon. Pick it up and tag along on this race to a very beautiful finish line as Mansfield and his team of some of the most equally-as-dangerous men of the world join forces to find Jennifer of Edinburgh before the authorities do–or more importantly, before her captors have their way with her.

Intrigue, suspense, excitement…you’ve got all three from the first word, to the very last page in this political thriller. But the gritty nature of the story is what really sucked me in. Think Sons of Anarchy meets Mission Impossible.

The best part? Dizon sets it up perfectly for a sequel (which I hope he’s hard at work on already). I’m sure this isn’t the end of Jennifer and Berlin’s story. Can’t wait to see what’s up next for this sassy princess and her sexy badass!

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