Where Did You Come From?

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I had a very weird/interesting/disconcerting experience the other night. That’s a lot of words and backslashes to sling together I know. But it was genuinely all those things wrapped into one.

For the first time in my life, I dreamt of a totally originally person. Someone who came flat out of nowhere. I couldn’t connect him to any part of my life or any experiences that I’ve had as of late, nothing I’d seen on television, nothing I’d heard of or talked about with someone else in conversation.


And it was the true essence of creepy.

He was clean cut, and boyishly handsome on his way to being sharply handsome. He wore a red flannel shirt and thickly framed wire-rim glasses, which if I’m remembering correctly he put on later in the dream when his true colors began to bleed through. Eventually every little thing started to upset him and he became so visibly agitated he would shake and grunt, to the point where I was scared he would begin to act out violently.

I woke up wondering that morning and for the next few days, who WAS this kid. Then I have to come clean and admit that part of me feared this was a premonition or vision of what Sebastian will be like in the future.

And I’ll leave you with that disturbing thought on this dreary Tuesday night…



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