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I’m doing it to myself again: aggravating my terrible case of stage fright and going on the radio.

But there’s a twist in this plot. The name of the show is called “Books & BEER.”

As in alcohol. At 10 a.m. Smilie: :)

You catching on yet? Yes, it was a show specifically designed for me to alleviate said stage fright.

Is this funny yet?

Ok, then in all seriousness, Books & Beer is the incredibly awesome brainchild of host Mike Malone, who I’ll be joining tomorrow morning, again, AT 10 A.M. DON’T FORGET, on WVOX 1460 AM to chat about all things The Hollow and myself I guess (**cringe**), AND to sample some beers from two local New York breweries:

The Peekskill Brewery (Peekskill, NY)

Keegan Ales (Kingston, NY)

So locally-skewed books (as The Hollow is in fact set in Sleepy Hollow, NY, in case you didn’t know that yet) and local beer.

I mean does it get any better than that you ask? It does! The station is right by my old stomping grounds of Iona College, where I graduated from in 2004 (**more cringing and gasping even**).

Truth be told, I am excited. It’s a great idea for a show and I hope you all listen in. You can stream it live via the Listen Live button at the top right of the WVOX homepage. I will also provide a link in a subsequent post to the full show if you’re unable to join us at 10.

Thanks so much to Mike and WVOX for the opportunity. Talk to you all in the morning! Smilie: :)



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