The Spinfords Come to Life

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Well. It’s been a long couple of months. Between the holidays, getting my wisdom teeth yanked, work and life in general, I’ve been feeling a bit dizzy (mainly thanks to those percocets Smilie: ;) ).

But I’m here to let you know what I’ve got in the works. I’ve been plugging away at a couple projects that I’ve posted about previously. One is my submission for “Scary Out There,” the YA horror anthology being compiled by the Horror Writers Association and edited by award-winning author Jonathan Maberry. I turned it in last week and we should hear back soon on who was awarded the four open slots being held for general membership. There was some steep competition I hear, so, I’m not getting my hopes up. Truth be told, I’m feeling a bit Debbie-Downer-esque lately (probably also thanks to the percocets) so excuse my woe-is-me attitude on that.

But my other little venture has managed to turn my frown upside down whenever I think about it! I ended up getting connected with a bright little star in the design world: Stevie Hannigan of Stevie Projects. A very skilled graphic designer and motion graphic animator, I knew Stevie would have the ability to bring my children’s book – The Spinfords – to life in just the way I pictured it in my brain.

And this week I got my first taste of what these characters that are very dear to my heart might look like! We’re starting out with a few style tests to see what direction we should take and Stevie’s offered up 5 different concepts for me to chew on. See below. My personal favorites are concepts 1 and 5. I feel instantly connected to the figures in concept 1, and truth be told, this is very close to how I’d always imagined them. The emotions they convey in their facial expressions are so indicative of their characters and the roles they play in the story.

I love number 5 because, in a nutshell, it’s exactly how I’d picture Tim Burton illustrating The Spinfords. Another one of my childhood (and adulthood, who am I kidding) idols. I love how quirky and even asymmetrical they are at times.

Ok, I’ll stop babbling and let you enjoy.

More to come soon as Stevie continues to bring my story to life!

Now excuse me, I need to go take a percocet…








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