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So appropriately enough, as I was just watching the latest episode of Sons of Anarchy (WOAH! talk about amazing writing), I was also applying for supporting membership with the Horror Writers Association. Once I get my first royalty check in December, I’m hoping to upgrade that!

But anyway, I decided to apply sooner rather than later as I was recently informed of an amazing opportunity they’ve presented that is too good to pass up. They’ll be putting together a horror anthology for teens which will be published by Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers!

And they’ll be taking and considering submissions for inclusion from the general membership! But that’s not all. It will also include stories from some serious author royalty, including an idol of mine: R.L. Stine. He got me into trouble many a night for staying up way past my bedtime with his books when I was little Smilie: :).

If I were to be published alongside him? Let’s just say, stick a fork in me.

Happy Hump Day! Remember, it’s almost the weekend…


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