I Got Lost

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So I got a little lost on my way to my second novel.

That happens to me often: I’ll be riding happily along and then another idea comes and sideswipes me and insists I drop everything and attend to it first.

Truth be told, this one is pretty close to my heart. Over the summer, during a visit to my son’s pediatrician, she recommended that we not wait too much longer before we get Sebastian evaluated by the state’s Early Intervention program after we’d expressed some concerns to her about his lack of verbal communication.

Around the same time, I’d also gotten into somewhat of a routine of taking walks with him around the block in the early morning hours between his breakfast and when I started working. And before it’d get too unbearably hot. We’d always pass this one particular bush which was covered in the coolest looking spider webs I’d ever seen. They weren’t your typical radial, circular webs. There were random connections, no real symmetry to them, and they were spread out wide, kind of like a roped jungle gym. Seb would always stop in front of it to touch and examine the leaves and branches.

With every day that we passed them, I related the webs more and more to what we were going through. And it hit me what a great children’s book and message they would make: just because someone (or something) doesn’t do things in the same way or speed that you’re used to, doesn’t make them any less valuable or smart. “Their” way might result in something more beautiful than you ever thought possible.

So that’s how the story of the Stunningly Stupendous Spinning Spinfords was born. This family of acrobatic circus performer spiders build breathtakingly beautiful—yet very traditional—webs for crowds on a nightly basis. Until newest family member Salvatore comes along and shakes things up Smilie: ;)

Here’s a little excerpt for you, but the text is almost finished. Once that’s done I’ll be sending it over to my illustrator: my sister! I can’t wait to share more as we get farther along on this project. The plan is to eventually submit it to my publisher, the stunningly stupendous Nicholas Grabowsky, for consideration in Blue Bed Sheet, Black Bed Sheet’s recently launched children’s line!

Here’s Sebastian’s copy of the first Blue Bed Sheet book, Flatty Kat, Tales of an Urban Feline:


And of course, it’ll be dedicated to my little man: who always marches to the beat of his own drum.

Happy Reading,


They had just welcomed a new addition to the family: little baby Salvatore. The audience cheered as proud parents Simon and Sylvia held the adorable arachnid up for all to see. Everyone just knew this prodigy would be the most marvelous spinner of them all and they couldn’t wait to see the masterpieces he’d be weaving right before their very eyes, very soon.

The Spinfords entered Salvatore into training immediately, and he excelled beyond their wildest dreams.

Walking at just 3 days old, he beat his big brother Stanley’s record-breaking time of 4 seconds in suicide crawl drills.

He stuck his silk bungee drop landings every time.

And his practice landscapes blew his sister Sofie’s right out of the water. 

Pretty soon, it was time for Salvatore’s big performance test—the one every family member had to pass before they were allowed to take the stage for their debut in front of a huge live audience.

The judge and jury? Grandpa Sebastian Spinford, their trainer, and the one who founded the show with his wife, Grandma Sally Spinford, back in the 1930s. 

The family settled into their seats behind Grandpa Sebastian in the arena, preparing themselves for a spectacle the likes of which they’d never seen before. 

And Salvatore couldn’t wait to give it to them. He had something very special planned for his loved ones.

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  1. Wonderful. Can’t wait for more!

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