Movie Review: The Upper Footage

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Sorry this took so long but here it is, finally: a review of The Upper Footage.

A couple weeks back, I won a link to a free viewing of this movie, alerted to its existence after a follow on Twitter.

The Upper Footage is of the “found footage genre” (think Blair Witch Project or VHS). And I was intrigued as I am admittedly more a fan of what I’ll dub as “reality horror.” Serial killers. Kidnappers. The crazies…ya know, stuff that can actually happen (said the girl with a ghost story currently on the market).

All that being said I was not particularly disturbed by the nature of the content of The Upper Footage. It wasn’t very upsetting or discomforting. There was no creep factor for me.


There was a disgust factor for sure.

You end up loving to hate these upper crust, rich kid, slime-balls. Even the so-called “victim” in all this, Jackie, who’s face is blurred out the whole time, will really get under your skin. The only times I actually gasped during the film was at the wildly offensive and horrible things that came out of their mouths.

Furthermore, the actors are so good in fact at being horrible people, that you don’t get any sense that they are acting. It looks and feels like it’s exactly what it is claiming to be: found footage.

While researching The Upper Footage, I found a tweet that perfectly describes the viewing experience: “I felt like a co-conspirator.”

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

The movie costs $5.99 to rent off Vimeo, which is a bit pricier than typical downloads, but the good news is it’s only an hour and a half long. So if you really hate it, you wouldn’t have lost too much of your time.

If you do happen to rent it, let me (and them!) know what you think.

Happy viewing,



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