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Well…I survived my bad case of performance anxiety.

Click on the link below to listen to last night’s Francy & Friends Radio Show. Yours truly was one of the guests! I got to talk about The Hollow, meet some pretty cool people, and even had some fun in the process.

Also featured was editor of SNM Horror Magazine Steven Marshall, a fellow Jersey native of sorts who also grew up near Sleepy Hollow. He’s even been to the cemetery!

Thanks so much Nicholas Grabowsky for asking me to be a part of it. Black Bed Sheet Books is a proud sponsor of the show, hosted by the hilarious Francy Weatherman. It has over 80,000 unique listeners and is in its third year. A minor affiliate of Fox Television. its past guests and recurring personalities include FOX’s HELL’S KITCHEN contestants, legendary soul singer Solomon Burke, G. Tom Mac, David Lee Roth, David Faustino, Courtney Gains, Jonathan Maberry, John Skipp, Craig Spector, Corin Nemic, Stephen Geoffreys, Bill Moseley, Jake Busey, Brad Loree, Jeff Conaway & Vikki Lizzi, Conrad Brooks, Lou Ferrigno, Llyod Kaufman, Tommie Habeeb (creator & host of Cheaters), the Young Rebel Goombas, Two Foot Fred, horror hosts Mister Lobo and Miss Misery, notable stand-up comics, and a large number of successful horror genre independent filmakers, actors, and actresses. Regulars and recurring co-hosts include legendary B-movie personality John Link, Joe Flynn, Edward X. Young (star of Mister Hush), dark magician Master Ron Fitzgerald, DJ Robbie Rodriguez, Joel D. Wyncoop, Chef Matty (Hell’s Kitchen season 4), and many Black Bed Sheet authors and partners.

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