An Important Shout-Out

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A while back, I did a “thanks” posting of certain people who’ve helped move my work as a writer along through this entire, never-ending process.

And I left one out Smilie: :(

This one’s for you, Miss Becky Fedora Clayton. Over 10 years ago (OMG, I just felt faint putting that down on paper), my parents and I nervously drove my mom’s mini-van full of my crap to my first dorm room for my very first semester at college. There, we were met by Becky and her family and all our fears (well most of them) were alleviated. Probably the biggest point of anxiety for most college freshmen leaving home for the first time is: “What if my roommate’s a psycho?”

Thank you Becky, for not being a psycho Smilie: :)

Not only was she not a psycho, but we ended up maintaining our friendship now for more than a decade.

Good thing for me though, Becky IS a grammar and copy editing psycho. Which I am not. So once I felt my manuscript was ready to start sending out to agents and publishers, I knew exactly where to go. She polished it up for me and made it all shiny and beautiful and I’m sure it helped me to get picked up by Black Bed Sheet.

So thank you Becky for a. not being a psycho; b. being a grammar psycho; c. helping me to achieve my dream.

Oh and MOST IMPORTANTLY D. for being such a genuinely good person and friend for so many years.

Not only did we experience the crazy ride that is “college” together, but we were also “bump buddies.”

Translation=we were pregnant together!

Certainly another “crazy ride” of this life, and trust me when I say it is wonderful just to know you are not going through that alone.

While Becky likes to pretend she’s “just an editor,” she also has an awesome blog called RunBeckyRun which chronicles her daily life and struggles in trying to navigate this sometimes maddening yet wonderful world of motherhood, all while keeping herself sane and healthy in the process (and offers up tips for you to do the same). Go check it out!

Love you very much Beck. It makes me so happy to see how happy you are.

~AnnMarie (or as my Iona girls call me, Ammy…or ANN for Jessi)


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