A Dream Come True

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My second baby was born this week. But it was a much longer pregnancy than the first. We’re talking YEARS…

To be fair, here is a picture of my best work ever, hands down. And he always will be, no matter how many books (here’s hoping), I am lucky enough to publish:


And here’s my second:


The Hollowwas officially released this morning. You can click on the cover above too (done by none other than the amazing Nicholas Grabowsky!) to purchase in either print or e-book.

Photo credit belongs to me. I took that shot years ago from inside the actual Sleepy Hollow cemetery when the story was still just in its infancy. When I took it, never did I think it would be the basis for the cover of my future novel.

This is all still very surreal, and I am feeling extremely humbled, amazed, thrilled, excited, accomplished, and really exhausted, all at the same time. But I’ll have to sleep when I’m dead as now the real work begins because as my fellow BBS author Mick Collins put it in a recent blog post: “Books don’t sell themselves.”

It’s time to start planning a release party, and getting some kind souls out there to take a chance on a no-name with maybe a review or an appearance/signing or two. So check back here often for updates and more of a promotional schedule as it starts to take shape.

But first thing’s first. It’s time to go celebrate my husband’s birthday weekend.

And remember…now there’s a new legend of Sleepy Hollow Smilie: ;)



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280 Responses to A Dream Come True

  1. So proud of you and thrilled for you. I know this will go far. Glad to know too that your head is screwed on properly because yes Sebsie, by far, will be your best work of art.

    Jenny Tranfaglia says:

    Congrats! Since you were a little girl writing those newspapers, I knew you were a great writer and now you have proven me correct. Much success in your future endeavors both in books and babies. Love Jenny

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